AMEN is two years old

A lecture series to celebrate spring and AMEN’s second birthday.
Marva Zohar goes on tour in back yards and front porches, offering two lectures.


אמן לוגו שקוף.png

From Pain to Power: From Vision to Reality, From Personal Trauma to Social Healing

Two years ago, at the height of the COVID-19 crisis, AMEN was born. It was this convergence of vision and reality, which presented us with critical challenges and taught us invaluable lessons.
This lecture shares the story of AMEN’s birth and growth. It also includes readings from Zohar’s debut poetry collection. The lecture is followed by a workshop offering an examination and discussion on pain, power, vision and realization.


The Wonder and the Sorrow - a book launch for Marva Zohar’s debut collection of poems.

A conversation on writing, activism, and healing, on the miracles that accompanied the poems and through which they transpired, on the strength and courage to give voice to a truth that society refuses to hear, and the price we pay for making it heard. Zohar offers a writing workshop following the lecture.