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October 2022
LWWH Tour-
We Are Coming
Your Way 


It is time to reconnect

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My name is Marva, I am a survivor activist and the founder and director of the Land Where Women Heal- 

a center for feminine healing, celebration and leadership.  Where women come to heal themselves, each other and the world. At the heart of LWWH lies a healing community for survivors of sexual violence.-  a unique residential program with a groundbreaking approach to treating complex PTSD.

Four Years Ago when LWWH was still only a vision I traveled across Israel, Europe and North America giving talks and readings,  raising funds and support. I am so excited to finally be able  to return and reconnect, expand our circle of support and invite you to join our next phase.

 Our pilot community in Kiryat Tivon opened In the spring of 2020, rushed ahead of schedule due to the Covid crisis. We hired and trained our staff and volunteers with the program already running and continued to develop our unique model of care- that can now be upscaled and is already inspiring systemic change. 

The AMEN healing community offers professional, trauma informed care, using a woman-centered, feminist and holistic approach. Our dedicated team of skilled clinical social workers, counselors and volunteers, provide women with comprehensive support 24/7

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Now Our Healing Community is Two Years Old

As we stand at this milestone we are filled with both celebration, urgency and grief.  We are enormously proud of what we have been able to accomplish and so thankful for the support that made it possible, We are also struck by the enormity of the task that lies ahead.

At any given day we have hundreds of women on our waiting list. And we know that the world needs compassion, resilience and community more than ever before. 

In May 2022 we will be coming to share our story and raise funds and support for our next exciting step: building the AMEN Ecovillage in northern Israel

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Join Us For Our Upcoming visit To Your Area

Come be Inspired

The LWWH is a magnet for human generosity and courage.  Birthing a trauma healing center during a pandemic we have witnessed so many miracles-  and we can't wait to share them with you

Discover the insights we have gained

 LWWH is where we learn to turn pain to power, vulnerability to leadership, shame to resilience, and aloneness into solidarity and community.  The profound stories and lessons unfolded by AMEN belong to all of humanity. 

We look forward to reflecting on this wisdom together

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 Partner with us as we take our next steps forward 

Sivan Levinovitz our resource development director, and Marva Zohar our founder and CEO will be coming your way in May 2022. We Currently plan to fundraise in the East Coast (NYC, D.C) and in the West Coast (LA and Bay area) between May 12th and early June. We are also able to add a stop in Europe on our way there or back

Help make connections: Introduce us to potential donors, journalists and influencers 

Contact Sivan


Want to Know more about us? Looking for info to share?


Host a fundraiser event for your community. Or Join an event near you

Contact Sivan


Ready to make a donation? 

Contact our R.D director - Sivan


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