"The flashbacks are very severe. I am holding a rope in my hand and want to hang myself in the shower. What I feel right now is that there is no place for me in the world. There is no framework prepared to help me cope with my post-trauma. That this state, which I love so much, has established hundreds of frameworks – hostels, hospitals, open and closed wards, daytime care centers. Wow. But there is no place for me, no place with the right conditions to help me cope with my post-trauma."

  Efrat Gil of blessed memory


Ohela's Vision

In a perfect world we will no longer know gender-based violence and will no more study the war of daily survival that accompanies life in the wake of sexual violence. But as long as within our society there are phenomena such as rape and incest, the little we can do is to ensure that places and resources exist to enable those women (and men) who have experienced injury to rehabilitate and heal themselves from the trauma in an environment of support and of faith.

Our vision is to establish a village of healing, where women (and eventually, men as well) can reside throughout the difficult period during their process of rehabilitation. This period is often characterized by a need for support beyond a few weekly hours of therapy, because of emotional conditions such as dissociative states, self harm, suicidal thoughts, substance abuse or eating disorders.


Ohela's purpose

To create communal spaces for women's wisdom and healing, that will enable every girl and woman to experience her own self as a source of knowing what she needs in order to midwife and heal herself, with an emphasis on healing from rape and sexual violence.

            To educate, train and disseminate knowledge among professionals, policymakers, family members and society as a whole.


The Ohela Team

Founder and CEO: Marva Zohar


Board members:

Orly Benjamin- Chairwoman

Lihi Amitzur-Lobel

Moria Shalvi

Maya Hanoch

Oversight committee:

Naama Shaked

Danielle Vardi 


Adi Arnon

Noam Zohar

Hadas Lachman

Emuna Chen Klein Bar-Noy

Executive administrator: Yocheved Simon


Ohela NGO Advisory Board


Mr. Avraham Burg, former Speaker of the Knesset; Chair, Mifalot Education and Society Enterprises


Ms. Yael Burg, Psychologist and Management Consultant. Deputy Director, JDC Israel, Institute for Leadership and Governance 


Rabbi Yuval Cherlow, Rosh Yeshivah, Orot Shaul


Ms. Ayelet Cohen-Vider, Clinical Psychologist

Rabbi Yehuda Forman, Ordained for Dayyanut and criminologist


Dr. Yali Hashash, Chair, Department of gender Studies, Beit Berl College


Prof. Hannah Kehat, Lecturer in Jewish Studies and Gender, Feminist activist


Mr. Avraham Pinchover, Engineer, M.A. Jewish Studies, Owner & CEO of Engineering consulting company 


Ms. Sarah Sahalo-Elbaz, Multi-disciplinary emotional therapist


Dr. Muna Shaheen, Veterinary doctor, works in the community to empower women and to protect the environment


Dr Effi Ziv, Psychotherapist and Lecturer in Gender Studies, Tel Aviv University